Golden Guidelines To Remove Skin Moles That Must Always Be Followed

By MWill555 February 28, 2017 mole removal

You could end up born with moles or they can even just appear as time passes to as much as the age of about 40. Exposure to the sun rays throughout the years have the ability to trigger moles to form.

Moles are dark-ish spots or even an abnormality in the skin which are typically harmless, however some might be cancerous. This kind generally begin as a regular looking mole, but they shift in size and shape and could possibly itch and bleed.

Golden Guidelines To Remove Skin Moles Cancerous

If this ever occurs, i highly recommend you see a physician that will most likely remove the mole and biopsy it to research for cancer.

Some moles may be in a place, like the face, where it may affect your appearance. Many people consider having these removed to enhance their appearance. Men often have facial moles removed because they may nick it when they shave.

Women can have the same issue with moles on their legs. There are a variety of reasons to remove moles either by your doctor or even by using home remedies.



Ways Your Doctor Can Remove Moles

The two most common ways that your doctor will remove moles begin by cutting the mole off to the deepest point that from which it grows.

1.) Excision with Stitches

Golden Guidelines To Remove Skin Moles Excision With Stitches

This procedure is commonly used with the irregularly shaped moles that could be cancerous or moles that are even with the skin. After they are removed, the area is stitched up.

2.) Excision with Cauterization

Golden Guidelines To Remove Skin Moles Excision With Cauterization

This method to remove moles involves burning away the mole. The wound is burned closed so stitches aren’t required and the wound heals on its own.

Doctors can also remove moles using a laser, requiring no cutting or stitches.


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Home Remedies to Remove Moles

You may be surprised to learn that you can avoid a doctor’s visit and remove moles at home, saving money and avoiding side effects.

Many people have been known to use the Aloe Vera plant the get rid of their skin moles. Watch the video below to find out how:

Flaxseed ground into a powder can be combined with honey and flaxseed oil to make a paste. If you put this on the mole three times a day, it should be gone in a few weeks.

Baking powder and castor oil combined and applied to the mole at night will remove a mole.

The juice of figs, grapefruit, pineapples and green apples works to remove moles. Apply the juice of one of these fruits three to four times a day for quicker results.



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