How To Safely Remove Moles The Natural Way

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Moles are in fact pretty harmless and seldom result in some sort of discomfort, except if most of them pop up in an undesirable or unappealing place.

Exceptions to this include moles that switches in colors, size, or are very sensitive when touched.

These could suggest many other conditions, in fact it is recommended that you seek out medical attention immediately should these types of symptoms occur.

No Need For Any Visits To A Doctor.


Having said that, typical moles which has existed for many years could very well be successfully removed.

In contrast to general belief, it is often not required to pay a visit to a physician to have moles removed.

There are actually various natural homemade remedies which can be used before looking toward high priced, agonizing surgery.



For starters, let it be advised that there are some home remedies out there you should avoid trying.

One example of those methods is just clipping the mole off with a knife or even scissors. It’s without a doubt extremely painful and will cause excessive bleeding, which will definitely lead to scars.

Another technique includes being crazy enough to burn the mole off with a lighter or other burning objects. You will most likely end up with a burned mole that will turn out to be very sensitive to touch.

Creating yet another skin problem. The majority of home cures containing violence of any kind ought to be taken under mindful consideration before experimenting with.


All Natural Treatments For Mole Removal

Natural Treatments For Mole Removal


There are several natural home remedies that are out there for purchase over the counter.

A lot of them are balms that are used frequently until the moles either disappear or turn into a scab.

They are offered from just about anywhere from department stores to pharmaceutical stores, as they are generally at a fairly reasonable in rate.


In case you are trying to avoid chemical substances.

How To Safely Remove Moles

Remember to look at the ingredients, due to the fact one person’s “natural” is not at all times the same as another’s.

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Many people have reported success mixing ground flaxseed mixed with a bit of pure honey and flaxseed oil. Here’s a video on how to go about applying it for best results:


Others have used pineapple juice on their moles.

Natural Treatments For Mole Removal Pineapples

Be careful with this, though, since pineapple juice is highly acidic, and some people’s skin does not do well with continuous exposure to it.

How to apply it for best result?:

  1. Cut a piece of fresh pineapple into a shape around the same size as the actual mole.
  2. Press it against the mole and hold it in place with an adhesive band-aide.
  3. Remove the pineapple before bed. Chances are, It will not remain intact while you’re sleeping.
  4. Squeeze the juice from it into a small plate before bed, dip a Q-tip  into the juice and apply it to the skin mole before falling asleep. Rinse it off once you wake up
  5. Repeat this method daily until the mole is completely gone.

Some even use crushed fresh garlic.

Natural Treatments For Mole Removal Fresh Garlic

For best results:

  1. Put on a thin coating of petroleum jelly around the mole onto the unaffected skin. You can even apply masking tape to create a protecting cover around the mole. Garlic extraction could burn the skin, so safeguarding the skin is recommended.
  2. Mash one clove of garlic into a mixture with a garlic press, then apply to the mole. Garlic extract could be substituted by applying it to the mole with a piece of cotton or swab. This can be found at plenty of health food stores or even in the organic foods area of a grocery store.
  3. Conceal the treated mole with a bandage, placing it on for 4 hours. Afterwards, strip away the bandage. Practice this method as many as 3 times each day.
  4. Clear away all used masking tape each night before going to bed to make it easy for the skin to breathe as well as keep it from drying out.

All of these methods generally come with the suggestion to apply a band-aid to the area after the proposed cure has been applied.



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